Report: Robinson Cano Slightly Lowered $310 Million Contract Demands


I always thought the chances of Robinson Cano getting a $300+ million contract were slim to none and apparently it appears that Cano himself has returned to his senses about what exactly his market value turned out to be.

Listen Cano is a very good player (not great) and in comparisons was nowhere near the type of player Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez were at the time of their monster contracts. But seeing how quickly both have become shells of their former selves, I would think teams would be smart enough to go nowhere near a 10-year contract again. According to Midwest Sports Fans, that might be the case.

Cano’s asking price was still $310 million as recently as Tuesday when he had a meeting with the New York Yankees, but the team countered with an offer of seven years and $160 million. Meanwhile, Cano has claimed he hasn’t been asking for the $300 million deal that has been reported. But, frankly, that’s not what we’ve been hearing from sources close to the situation.

It’ll ultimately be interesting to see how it plays out, but I must reiterate that Cano is not worth $310 million in my eyes. No player is, really.

Yankees might be better off spending that money on the rest of their roster.