Report: Yankees To Give Robinson Cano A Time Limit To Re-Sign

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The Yankees are playing hardball.

The Yankees are moving into the ‘take it or leave it’ approach chapter in their quest to re-sign Robinson Cano.

The Bombers have made an offer of 7 years $160 million for Cano to stay in pinstripes, but the offer comes with an expiration date. As reported by ESPN’s Andrew Marchand, the Yankees plan to meet with agents for Cano to reiterate their final offer.

The Yankees have a payroll threshold they don’t want to go above, lest fear the repercussions of the luxury tax. If the Yankees decide to go shopping while Cano is busy making up his mind, he may find himself on the outside looking in on the chance of remaining a Yankee.

While the Yankees have denied this as being an ultimatum, the Yankees are intent on not going over their $189 million goal.

Cano cannot afford to drag his feet on the issue, he risks the possibility of pricing himself off the market, he’s going to have to start compromising on a deal.

The clock is ticking.

3 thoughts on “Report: Yankees To Give Robinson Cano A Time Limit To Re-Sign

  • Jay-Z is losing this battle badly, Master P said this summer that the sports agent business is no joke. Guess Hov is getting a taste of what it brings.

  • could you imagine cano signing a 7 yr deal with anyone. with his lack of hussel even in his walk yr, what is it going to be like at the end of his contract?

  • no 7 year deal for Cano.

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