Rex Ryan Says He’d Absolutely Like To Have Ed Reed On Jets

rex ryan ed reed


Say hello to the new and improved, very mum Rex Ryan.

Long gone are the days of loud and borderline obnoxious proclamations. When the formerly brash Jets head coach was asked about the possibility of signing the now unemployed Ed Reed, there was a lot of ambiguity around Rex’s words, via NY Post

“With us, as an organization, we’re going to look at any player out there that we feel can help us,” Ryan said. “We added Greg [Salas], we added David [Nelson] to the receiving corps because we thought they could help us. If we think that’s the case with Ed Reed or any player, we’ll certainly consider it.”

Of course, if there’s any player who Rex knows, it’s the future hall of fame safety, who he coached when at Baltimore. After a long pause Rex finally fessed up to the obvious…kind of…

“The way I am I could say, ‘Absolutely yes, I would like him on our team,’ and I’ll say that knowing you guys know me,” Ryan said. “I’d like to have Brandon Moore on the team, I’d like to have Alan Faneca on the team. Anybody who I’ve ever coached that bled for me, I want them. Trevor Pryce – if Trevor called, I’d love to have Trevor on the team. But that’s how I feel. Now, how the big picture of things and how it relates … if we can get Ray Lewis in here, of course, but the big picture of right now, the current football team, I’m probably not the right guy to make all of those decisions.”

The very exciting ‘Where will Ed Reed land’ game just got a lot more puzzling. Reed is far from his prime, and is constantly injury prone, but with the Jets secondary having a less-than-stellar season, can they afford not to gamble?

Let’s continue to hold our breathes on a Ryan/Reed reunion.