RG3: Bottom Line, I Can’t Take Those Amount Of Hits


Robert Griffin III has taken some vicious hits this season, but luckily for him and the Skins, he’s still standing.

ESPN.com is reporting that Griffin III is wary of all the hits he’s taking, and he’s fully aware that he can’t continue to take that type of punishment.

“Bottom line, I can’t take those amount of hits,” Griffin said. “You don’t want to be hit that much. A lot of great quarterbacks don’t get hit that much. It’s not just me, it’s a lot of things that go into that. We just have to get better.”

The second year quarterback says he doesn’t think about how the hits will affect him long term.

“I don’t think about it,” he said. “I think a lot of people do. It comes down to, you’ve got to take it week to week and not worry about the years down the road when it comes to those hits. You have the future in mind, but you’re still competitive on that day.”