Richie Incognito’s Dad Allegedly Says Martin & The Black Brothers Do Drugs


This whole Jonathan Martine/Richie Incognito bullying situation keeps getting stranger by the minute. We already brought you the video of Richie doing a PSA for fans instructing them how to act but that is not the strangest thing about this ordeal to come out this morning. Thanks to the folks at Deadspin, there is evidence that Richie Incognito’s dad took to a message board to defend his son:

Early this morning, a poster with the username “idrd1994” left an impassioned defense of Incognito on the FinHeaven message board. In it, he attacked both Martin and Mike Pouncey as “black brothers that do drugs on a regular basis,” and asked readers to “pray [GM Jeff] Ireland and [coach Joe] Philbin die of AIDS.” He blasts the team from top to bottom, claims Incognito is getting railroaded, and uses the “black people say the N-word in rap music” argument to dismiss claims that Incognito sent racial messages to Martin. He also implies that Martin has pondered suicide, and “does not belong in an NFL locker room.”

Wow, “black brothers that do drugs on a regular basis” huh? Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree since Incognito is also allegedly to have sent racially charged texts to Martin. Here is more digging into “idrd1994” postings:

NFLPA IS NOT TOUCHING THIS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE. It will come out, Martin has tried to kill himself three previous times. The team is silent because they all know about it, from Ross on down to Ireland and Philbin. If anybody has seen the latest news the NFLPA has decided not to look into the case. Jonathan Martin has had mental issues since College, it will all come out int he wash gentleman, believe me.

This is a joke, suspend an honest player for a drug addict and a player that tried to kill himself three times. Complete ****in utter BS and this team is just covering their ass. What a friggin joke. Strange only coments are from Zuckerman and not Martin himself. Irleand and Philbin should be ashamed of themselves, this is a ****in joke. Suspend a pro bowl player for a player that does not even belong in the NFL. FUKIN JOKE its all going to come out in the wash and Ireland should be ****in hung because he , philbin and everyone else knew Martin did drugs and attempted suicide three times. But hey, the regular people will never hear that right ? ****IN JOKE FOLKS, ****IN JOKE.

This whole thing is getting out of hand. If this really is Richie’s dad, then we are in for a long battle on this one. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you hear soon that Incognito has gotten a lawyer to fight this. The Dolphins really are trying to take the NFL’s most dysfunctional team crown away from the Bucs.

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  • Are we surprised, believe it or not 90% of the majority agree with his statements yet 90% of “blacks” will still sell their soul for acceptance.

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