Robert Griffin III: “We’re Not What Our Record Says We Are”


This statement would have gone over better if Griffin III would have went on a Dennis Green type rant about his embattled Redskins.

After another embarrassing loss that now leaves the Skins sitting at 3-8, Griffin III said “the frustrating part of that record is that he and his teammates know that they’re better than their 3-8 record would suggest.”

“Any time you lose in the National Football League, there’s going to be criticism and we understand that,” Griffin said. “The hardest part of all of this is probably the fact that we know that we’re not what our record says we are.”

When asked about his personal turmoil this season, Griffin III referenced back to the team, and the teams struggles.

“I mean, this is a team game,” Griffin said. “I’m not going to sit up here and talk about myself. So like I was going to say, talking to those guys in the locker room, we know we’re not what our record says we are and that’s what makes it tough. It wouldn’t be this hard and no one would be criticizing if we didn’t think we were a good team, if people didn’t think we were a good team.”