Ronda Rousey to Miesha Tate: ‘F**k You, Bi**h!’ (Video)


UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, has seen her popularity among MMA fans take a hit due to her current stint as a coach on the UFC reality series, The Ultimate Fighter 18.  On the episode that aired Wednesday, Rousey and her opposing coach and opponent at UFC 168, Miesha Tate, were involved in a Coach’s Challege where they had to climb a wall and the first person to reach the summit had to ring a bell. (video below)

Rousey won, immediately exclaiming “F**k you, B**ch” to Tate, as well as flipping her off as they were being lowered.  While Rousey may have taken a small hit to her popularity, but the UFC has seen higher ratings on the nights they have women’s fights over the men’s fights during this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

One thing is for sure, the animosity between Rousey and Tate is real and their battle at UFC 168 will more than hold its own alongside the Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman rematch.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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