Ronda Rousey’s Best Friend, Marina Shafir, Wins MMA Title (Photos)


While most of the MMA world gears up for the finale of UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” this weekend the best friend of Judge Ronda Rousey was showing her skills in the cage.

Marina Shafir has been the long time training partner of Rousey and had the opportunity to capture the very same Tuff N Uff belt once held by her BFF. Shafir made quick work of her opponent Tabitha Patterson, submitting her within the first minute of the fight.

Patterson came out firing and landing three heavy shots to the head of Shafir, but Marina quickly muscled her against the cage and applied a rarely seen head & arm choke. Patterson didn’t tap but instead lost consciousness while standing. Shafir slammed Patterson shortly after and the fight was stopped by the official.

Here’s Shafir’s post fight interview:

There were many other highlights during the Tuff N Uff “Future Stars of MMA” event.

  • Jessica Zomcik pummelled and bloodied Shannon Ried to win the Women’s 145 lb tournament.
  • Kyra Batara showed incredible Jits skills in her 105 lb title victory.
  • Jim Elmer showed how dominant of a fighter he was in his match against Mike Florio. The two exchanged blows in the first round and Elmer ended the fight with a vicious takedown that resulted in the snapping of Florio’s shin.
  • Xtreme Couture fighter, Sebastian Buckley, was probably the most impressive fighter of the night. His strength at 170 lbs is something to behold. He stated that he’s lost 80 lbs since beginning his MMA career and it seems as though he hasn’t lost any strength.

Below is a Gallery of Images from the Tuff N Uff Event.


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