Santana Moss Showed Poor Leadership Venting About RG3 to Media

Santana Moss

Nothing Santana Moss said is wrong.

In fact, I agree with every single word of this.

“If we’re going to win games, we need to win games with our guy saying, ‘At the end of the day, I didn’t make a play,’ regardless of if it wasn’t him,” Moss said on the “LaVar and Dukes” show. “And that’s how I feel. Because that’s what we’re out there to do.”

“As a leader, you understand that if you’re involved in the situation, whether you’re the receiver, the quarterback, the guys making the tackle, whoever — regardless of the outcome, good or bad, you have to at some point, stand up and say me or I,” Moss said.

“I don’t need to be going back and forth in the media about who didn’t do this and who didn’t do what,” Moss said. “At the end of the day, I was seen with the ball in my hand last, as a quarterback I’m saying, and if it didn’t get done then I’m going to let you know it was me. Whether it was me or not. It was me. And I’m going to get better. And we’re going to get better together.”

The message was awesome, but one small problem. Moss put it out publicly and threw his quarterback under the bus. That was a terrible decision from a supposed leader of the team. I don’t know if Moss has said this to RG3 privately or not, maybe he has and RG3 ignored him. Maybe he hasn’t (that would make the comments 10x worse), but either way when you are struggling as a team, the last thing you want to do is make inflammatory comments like this.

I don’t think Moss was intentionally trying to make RG3 look bad, in fact I think he was just venting because he wants RG3 to succeed, but Moss has been around the media long enough to know how that the message can be manipulate and twisted to push a certain narrative.

That narrative now will be that RG3 is an “I” person, not a “WE” person. That he is a diva, who cares more about endorsements and celebrity than his team. This is the second veteran player to call out RG3 publicly (the first being London Fletcher) and it is only doing more harm than good.

I don’t pretend to know what is going on in the Redskins locker room, but what I do know is that it is better to keep it in house especially with a polarizing figure like RG3. Players like Moss and Flechter who have been around the league for years, should know better. Because it is a hypocritical to talk about leadership and to a smaller extent selfishness, when you aren’t speaking to the person directly about your frustrations but the media.