Senator Cory Booker’s Stripper Friend Now Covers The New York Giants (Video)

Lynsie Lee Corey Booker

It is tough for female sports journalists.

It is hard to break into the industry and then when you do, you have to fight the stereotypes of being a groupie or not knowing sports because you are a girl.

It doesn’t help when strippers are getting to cover the sidelines of NFL games just because they gave lap dances to Cory Booker.

Hugging Harold Reynolds has the story.

During the no-contest race Booker ran against GOP sacrificial lamb Steve Lonegan this past fall, it was revealed he had a very public Twitter relationship with Portland-based exotic dancer, Lynsie Lee. The relationship lead many, given Booker’s digital acumen, to scratch their heads.

She is apparently a correspondent today for NJ’s version of political TMZ, Chasing New Jersey, and her first assignment seems to covering the G-Men at MetLife Stadium. By “covering,” I mean “bouncing around giddily” and Tweeting in the press box.

She is very professional isn’t she?

Good to know all the hard work a lot of women do in the field of journalism is being ignore so Lee can get a press pass.

Lynsie Lee Corey Booker 2

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