Sharkeisha’s Victim Mom Post Pics of Daughter’s Injuries & Loyalty to Cowboys

Shamichael Manuel

A couple of things should be cleared up about the Sharkeisha fight video that has been spread around the world in the last 72 hours. A lot of false rumors and information is out there.

First, these are kids. Sharkeisha is 16 and the girl she attacked is Shamichael Manuel is 17. They go to the same High School and were friends. The argument was over a boy, which isn’t unusual in regard to teenage girls.

Shamichael hasn’t killed herself like Twitter would have you to believe, in fact she told her story to a local Houston TV station.

“I was just in shock. I was like oh my God. Did she really do this? You’re supposed to be my close friend,” Manuel said.

“We were talking in school earlier that day. She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her,” she added.

Sharkeisha hasn’t been arrested, but Shamichael’s mother Olevia Henderson has lashed out on Facebook and says she is going to press charges. While checking out her Facebook page, you can see she is a die hard Cowboys fan living in Houston.  While posting her Daughter’s injuries she also had time to post this about her Cowboys.


Unfortunately, I also saw photos like this.

Olevia Henderson 2Olevia Henderson

I am not going to comment on those, but here is what she had to say.

Thank you all for your support that is my daughter in the video and no she didn’t kill herself. But I am pursuing charges against them. No she hasn’t been arrested as for teaching kids to fight my daughter thought they were her friends they all have been to my home and hung out together. The detective hasn’t spoken to her yet.

Olevia Henderson also has a son who had to be pulled out of school because he was being bullied, so we have a lot of things going on here.

It isn’t good for anyone when things like this happen.  Bully and violence is real, if you see it happening, be sure to report it as soon as possible.

Olevia Henderson

20 thoughts on “Sharkeisha’s Victim Mom Post Pics of Daughter’s Injuries & Loyalty to Cowboys

  • Posting those photos of the mom is a form of bullying as well imo.

    • I totally Agree!

    • True!

  • Posting these pictures of mom is not bullying. A dictionary is needed for the definition of “bullying”. Mom is posting pictures of herself and her child’s injuries on Facebook and probably Twitter. I see a woman who takes pride in her “appearance” and the perception of who she thinks she is. What I see is a woman who is concerned with attention, for herself. Why put those pictures up of your child. The fight was bad enough. IMO, mom is disgusting and seeking attention.

    • Woww

  • Why repost mom’s pictures? I wish folk wouldn’t repost the video-making things worse- but posting mom’s pics…. Is the mother’s somewhat flamboyant taste pictured as to underscore her inconsistent reporting of the treatment of her children and her lack of immediate response?
    Surely that point could have been driven home without the use of inflammatory pictures.

    Feels like Fox News to me….

    • I wouldnt fight over a boy..dhats childish

  • Posting pics of how mom dress has nothing to do with her daughter being brutally attacked or whether she is a good mom or not. Confused by your point in posting pics of mom looking real nice.

    • Exactly!

      • That girl deserves justice. Cyber bullying is also crime. There is no reason to post photos of the victims mom. And this sharkiesha character is a jerk. Shes a fake snob you want to be the victims friend at school but then you want corner her and punch her, 2 words come to mind 1.pathetic. 2. Coward. pathetic sharkiesha did that cowardly because i bet she wont do that to a girl bigger and stronger. btw the victims mom is beautiful the fingers not at them.

  • Those are old pictures that the mother previously posted, and there in your article to prove what? And your giving her crap for changing her Facebook banner? Her daughter got assaulted by a attention seeking skank with no home training, she’s not down at the morge so…… Why all the crap, we live to see people torn up over every little thing, it’s sad if there not all messed up there faking it and if they are there faking it. Can we evolve?

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