Steve Nash Might Be Forced Into Medical Retirement


Sometimes the mind is willing, but the body isn’t.

Steve Nash is finding that out the hard way.

Retirement isn’t presently on the table but what if Nash’s two weeks extends to two, three and four months?

Should the Lakers’ back specialist, Dr. Robert Watkins, determine that any additional effort by Nash to play would constitute a medically unacceptable risk, the veteran point guard may end his career via forced medical retirement.

Nash is owed $9.3 million for the current year and $9.7 million for next season. If he’s found to be physically unable to play, he would still receive full compensation.

The NBA would then do its due diligence, sending a league-appointed physician to verify Watkins’ findings.

If the league would sign off, the final year of Nash’s contract would be completely removed from the Lakers’ salary cap — as long as he plays in fewer than 10 games this season.

The Lakers would love to get his salary off the cap, so I wouldn’t be shocked if we have seen the last of Nash.

2 thoughts on “Steve Nash Might Be Forced Into Medical Retirement

  • The idea that the Lakers would force Steve Nash into retirement is beyond repugnant. If he’s unable to play, he’ll retire on his own. You don’t do something like that to a player like Nash. This is premature to say the least. He deserves to be the one to make that decision.

  • The Lakers still owe the Suns at least one #1 pick and probably a #2 pick. The NBA should give the Lakers back the #1 pick(yes I know; ha ha ha). The NBA once let the Cavaliers buy #1 picks when they traded like 7 years worth away. Let’s show the Lakers some love. Looks like Mitch Kupchak really blew this one.

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