Steve Nash Says Back Injury Has Taken “Turn For Worse”


I believe the Steve Nash era is officially over.

I’m not sure who that guy is wearing No. 10 for the Lakers, but the Steve Nash we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing since 1996 is no more.

According to the L.A. Times, Nash has describe his back injury “as taking a turn for the worse,” and he indicated Sunday night that “he wasn’t sure when he’d return to the court.”

“I hesitate to even talk about it now because it’s probably not a good time, I’m feeling a little emotional, but it’s hard,” Nash said. “I really want to play and I really want to play the way I’m accustomed to playing, and to be so limited is frustrating. And also to not know where a clean-ish bill of health is is a little daunting too.”

The 40 year old Nash played 13 minutes before Mike D’Antoni decided he had seen enough of his point guard laboring around on the court.

“I’m concerned,” Mike D’Antoni said. “He was struggling physically tonight, you could just see it on his face and that’s why I took him out.”