Steve Smith Says He Destroyed Fred Smoot’s Career


Steve Smith

Technically, this isn’t true, but still funny to hear Smith describe it.

Smith said today on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show that he ruined the career of former Minnesota cornerback Fred Smoot.

“A guy that I take pride in, I destroyed his career, is Fred Smoot,” Smith said after being asked if his trash talk on the field affected an opponent. “He was never the same after.

“After coming in Bank of America Stadium, things just went downhill (for him) from there.”

Smith had 11 catches, 201 yards and 1 TD in that 2005 game and then provided these post game comments.

“Whatchamacallit was talking to me in the pregame,” Smith said about Smoot after the game. “When somebody is banging on your door, I am not going to hide in the corner … I am going to open it.”

Smoot’s career wasn’t over, he played four more years and his downfall had more to do with his own demons than Smith, but it is still a good story.