Taco Bell Continues MSU Basketball Free Taco Giveaways


TB, Luck


Michigan State students and fans can breathe easy now that their local Taco Bell has changed their mind and decided to retain their partnership with the school.

From USAToday.com, earlier  Michigan State wasn’t too happy with the franchise because there were rumors that Taco Bell was no longer going to support the tradition.

“The sponsorship agreement with them ran out,” MSU associate athletic director Paul Schager said, “and they decided not to renew it, although it was a fan-favorite and something very positive and very popular….”

After a slight threat of ending all ties with the school in giving away free tacos, if the basketball team scored 70 points, Taco Bell has come back and decided to keep 10 restaurants open with the MSU ticket stub giveaway.

Taco Bell:

“Our local franchisee is grateful for the passionate Taco Bell fans at Michigan State University and is exploring exciting new partnerships with MSU Athletics,” Taco Bell Corp. said in an email statement to The Associated Press. “As a thank you to fans, customers with an MSU basketball game ticket can still get a free taco at the locations below for the remainder of the season when the team scores at least 70 points.”

The Michigan State Basketball team needs to work hard on getting those 70 points a game, the fans didn’t do all this work for nothing.

Anybody else want a Dorito taco now?