Tavon Austin: Playing In The NFL Is A Little Harder Than I Thought


Really Tavon, no sh*t.

Former West Virginia and St. Louis Rams rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin had hopes of being the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Instead, through 8 weeks, Austin leads the Rams with 31 catches, 207 receiving yard, while also averaging just 2.5 yards running the ball and 3.9 yards returning punts.

Austin spoke with the Associated Press, and admitted that “the NFL is a little harder than he thought.”

“This isn’t supposed to be easy,” he said. “Maybe it was a little harder than I thought at first. But all I can do is keep working.”

I’m not trying to be hard on Tavon, but yes it is harder.  Gone are the days at West Virginia where you could just outrun the whole stadium.

Tavon is going to have to study and work to get open, aka, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz.