This is Allegedly Tim Duncan’s New Girlfriend (Photos)

Tim Duncan Girlfriend

If true, Tim Duncan’s off the courts moves are as fundamentally sound as his post moves, but we will do a little more checking before we give him too much credit.  Because she looks very similar to Tony Parker’s girlfriend.  We will figure it out, either way she is hot.

Duncan divorced his wife of over a decade after it was reported that she cheated on him, looks like he is doing a good job getting over it.  Looks a little like Eva Longoria.

Rumble…Old Timmy…Rumble

12 thoughts on “This is Allegedly Tim Duncan’s New Girlfriend (Photos)

  • Nice, you can’t go wrong with a spicy latina

  • This chick is from reality tv show. Really disappointed, because she’s very mean and clearly a gold digger

  • Timmy, don’t do it! Not this chick. She’s already been with half of San Antonio. Doesn’t have the greatest reputation. Don’t forget about her DWI just a year ago. Not a great mugshot there. Plus let’s not forget she’s been engaged numerous times! 1 word Timmy…RUN!!!

    • He will find out 5 years from now.. stay single and play that is my moto..

  • Are you serious? If Tim’s dating her he’s a total moron. His ex-wife cheated on him not that long ago. This girl looks like a total slut and just after his money. What makes him think someone like that wouldn’t cheat also? Let’s hope (for his sake) he’s not really in a relationship with her. He should just wait and find someone nice (but who knows, they may not even exist). Either way, good luck Timmy. Hope you find happiness.

  • She is ugly. Why would anyone think she’s hot? Someone said she was in her 20s but looking at her face I’d say more like in her 40s. Tim is so lost. He doesn’t know what else to do. Pathetic, really.

    • Mimi, you are either looking at the wrong picture, or have a special kind of hate in your heart to call this woman ugly.

    • Lets see your picture HO, you sound like a jealous Hater !! So get a Life and Shut -Up

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