TMZ Accuses Cops of Covering Up For Jameis Winston in Sexual Assault Case


Something is a little off about the case.

Either Jameis is being falsely accused and his nam is being dragged through the mud because he is now a famous college football player or the cops did something shady to make the case go away.

TMZ thinks it is the latter and here is why.

There’s evidence Tallahassee cops tried to sweep the sexual assault investigation targeting Florida State University QB Jameis Winston under the rug to protect the team and its star player … and ONLY took aggressive steps after TMZ Sports started asking questions.

Sources in the State Attorney’s Office tell us they never even knew about the investigation until Tuesday … JUST ONE DAY AFTER TMZ Sports began making calls to cops about the alleged assault.

Our sources in the State Attorney’s Office say … it was highly unusual cops wouldn’t have filled them in about the case until this week. The sources say cops would have typically notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston’s lawyer reportedly says cops told him it was completed in February.

Now get this … TMZ Sports started calling police about the case on Monday. We were told someone would get back to us later that day, but there was radio silence for 2 days … we made repeated calls Tuesday and Wednesday and no one got back to us until late Wednesday afternoon.

Sources in the State Attorney’s Office tell TMZ … the timing — getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed and just a day after TMZ started calling — is suspicious.

The #1 problem with this theory is when the alleged assault happened, Jameis wasn’t famous and while it was assume he would be the starting quarterback in 2013, it wasn’t guaranteed and it definitely wasn’t guaranteed he would be a star.

According to FSU rules if Winston is ever charged, he would immediately be suspended.

3 thoughts on “TMZ Accuses Cops of Covering Up For Jameis Winston in Sexual Assault Case

  • Shameful that any of you “News Media” people would give this any credence at all. TMZ is no more credible than the National Enquirer.

  • If Tallahassee police are covering up for Jameis Winston, it would not surprise me. Jameis Winston is to Tallahassee what Lebron James was to Cleveland. In other words, he is the number one money maker for Florida State University and the entire region of North Florida.

  • 1. The perpetrator was reported to be 5’9 to 5’11. Winston is 6’4.
    2. Someone was already arrested in the case.

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