Tom Brady Curses Out Ref, Drops F-Bomb (Video)


Tommy Uggs wasn’t happy.

It was pass interference, the original call was correct, no real reason why the flag should have been picked up.

With that being said, Brady will probably get fined for cursing out the ref. You can’t do that even if they did blow the call.

2 thoughts on “Tom Brady Curses Out Ref, Drops F-Bomb (Video)

  • If that would’ve been Cam Newton the media would be all over his character today.

  • The fact that Tom Brady, Mr. Pretty-boy himself, did the dropping of the F-bomb and other explicit words is beside that point. The fact is that this is the NFL and broadcast on national TV. Not only should he be fined by the NFL, he should have to reimburse all the fines incurred by the network airing his childish outbursts as well.

    To me this is reminiscent of Superbowl XL. Exceptionally poor officiating and 2 against 1 Steelers/Refs vs the Seahawks. Yes, it was a very badly ref’d game. Yes, there were many errors in calls that cost the Seahawks their Superbowl victory. What you did not hear or see was the Quarterback and others cursing and acting like children because they got screwed.

    It happens. Deal with it. Yes, the NFL should offer apologies for the bad call, but it will not change the fact that Brady and the Pats should have played better earlier in the game and the last 2 seconds would not have been so crucial to win.

    GROW UP PRETTY-BOY! Your not all that!

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