Tom Izzo Says UK Should Forfeit If They Are Scared To Play MSU Early

Tom Izzo
A very good, very veteran Michigan State basketball team will face John Calipari’s diaper dandies in tomorrow night’s State Farm Champions Classic.

This past Thursday, Calipari said that it was unfair that his young Wildcats had to play such an experienced team so early.

“The issue becomes playing teams (like Michigan State) this early is not fair for my team,” Calipari said Thursday. “It may be fair for everybody else. But it’s no fair for my team.”

“Our program is not traditional. It’s just not traditional in the sense everybody stays four years,” he said. “So it’s not fair when we walk in and everybody else is more experienced.”

When asked about these comments Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo offered a solution.

Classic “G-Code” response by Izzo.

Calipari has built his program around successfully recruiting top one-and-done players, and there are pros and cons to both. He can’t now complain that his team lacks experience. This will be a good test for his much hyped recruiting class, and also him as a coach.