Twitter Bullies Are Harassing The Wrong Jonathan Martin

  1. wrong-martin-being-bullied

Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins is embroiled in a nasty bullying, harassment case with his teammate, Richie Incognito.

Jonathan Martin of the New York Times is a tiny figure of a man, who is a political reporter during the day.

The journalist Jonathan Martin is hearing from fake tough guys across the country who don’t realize that he’s not the Jonathan Martin at the center of the Dolphins bullying case.

Martin, who has “NYT” in his Twitter handle (@jmartnyt) wrote in a New York Times article that he is struggling to understand how people are continuing to bully, without even having the correct Jonathan Martin.

“As the story has intensified and misplaced 140-character assaults have piled up, though, the misunderstanding has lost some of its charm,” Martin writes. “I feel bad for my fellow Jonathan Martin — lord knows what his Twitter feed looks like — but the whole affair has also been a reminder about how ugly discourse can be on the Internet. During campaign season, nasty, even abusive, emails and Twitter messages are standard fare for political reporters. Partisans (or, in this case, fans) say things online they would never contemplate saying to the face of a stranger, let alone one the size of the brawny Jonathan Martin. As one person said in a message to me this week, it is ‘keyboard courage.’”

You would think that all these keyboard gangsters could at least get their victim right.