Two Minor Run-Ins Jameis Winston Had With Cops Surface

jameis winston

This isn’t surprising, when there a bigger case hanging over your head, any minor infractions you have had will come to light.

Both incidents just seem like average college juvenile behavior and were smooth over by the university.

In the first case, Winston and other FSU players were questioned by police in November 2012 after 13 windows were broken at an apartment complex near Doak Campbell Stadium after an apparent BB gun battle. In the second case, a Burger King employee called police in July to complain that Winston was stealing soda. The Associated Press obtained the records from Tallahassee city officials after filing a request.

Winston was about to be evicted over the BB gun incident, but someone from the University convinced the landlord to let them stay if they paid for the damage.  No charges were filed.

Burger King decided not to press charges for Jameis stealing soda.

None of this means Jameis is a rapist or not, but any skeletons he does have will come tumbling out of the closet.