UFC Announces Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks Rematch


UFC President Dana White told the LA Times that talks for a GSP v Hendricks rematch were already underway.

Last weekend’s fight was controversial to say the least and ended with a half-hearted retirement by St-Pierre. White has assured fans that St-Pierre was just overcome with emotions and that he has since reconsidered.

Dana White had this to say:

“As far as a rematch, we’re on schedule and I’ll have a date within a couple weeks,” White said. “I feel confident that Georges is fine with that and all is on track.”

He also addressed the TMZ reports of GSP’s personal problems:

“(St-Pierre) is denying those rumors that TMZ is reporting about those two things.”

Memorial day weekend has long since been one of the biggest dates for the UFC and many believe that the fight would fit perfectly. Hendricks suffered a knee injury and has been given a 6 month medical suspension, which would make him eligible to fight starting late April.