Verne Lundquist Takes Shot at Brent Musburger’s Love for Katherine Webb (Video)


CBS got their ESPN on by showing Katherine Webb 100x at the end of the LSU vs. Alabama game, but Verne Lundquist wasn’t going to fall for the Musburger in the tailpipe (Beverly Hills Cops reference, if you are too young to understand that saying).

Katherine Webb

Check out the video courtesy of Guyism.

H/T @cjzero


  1. Earlier this year, Brent Musburger played the role of Captain Save A Hoe to Katherine Webb. Now she is a star. Verne Lundquist was smart enough not to make the same mistake.

  2. Not hating. I am just stating the obvious. Musburger made that girl a superstar. Ms. Webb has yet to say thank you. By the way, I wonder how Ryan Tannehill’s wife Lauren Ufer feels about Katherine Webb’s success? You know how catty pretty girls get.

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