Victim Named Jameis Winston as Her Attacker a Month After Alleged Assault


An important new detail have risen up about the sexual assault case and Winston’s potential involvement in it.

The woman who identified Winston as her attacker didn’t do so until a month after he made the original complaint.  That explains why the original description of the suspect doesn’t match Winston at all.  It appears the woman made the complaint, gave the description and then a month later went back and told the police it was Winston.

There still hasn’t been a good reason given why the cops never handed the case over to the state attorney to look at.

So, now we know why Winston name is in the case, it is because he is the one accused of doing the crime. The State Attorney sheds some more light on when the entire thing will be settled.

“We are making interesting progress,” Meggs said. “I think we can get to a point where we can make a decision by next week or the week after.”

“We’re interviewing a lot of people,” Meggs said. “It’s become my responsibility, and I’m going to do everything I think I’m supposed to do to do the right thing.”

Winston isn’t talking to the police and it should be noted if Winston is charged regardless if he is guilty or not, he will be immediately suspended by FSU.