Victor Cruz Says Orlando Scandrick Holds On Every Play

victor cruz positive about deal

Scandrick and the rest of the Cowboys secondary held Cruz to two catches in route to beating the Giants.
The Giants did a lot of talking and they aren’t accepting their defeat very well. Justin Tuck decided to go with the “show the rings” response, as if that has something to do with what happened yesterday.

Cruz decided to just make excuses.

He always holds on every play,” Cruz said of Scandrick, via Jordan Ranaan of  “It’s always borderline whether it was pass interference or holding or whatever.  I just don’t think about that and understand that he is going to do that and play through.”

“You just have to understand what you’re coming into and what type of player he is,” Cruz said. “You watch him on the field, he grabs and holds on everyone.  You just have to be able to battle through it and get yourself open.”

The best wide receivers in the league are going to get held, interfered with, beat up, doubled and sometimes tripled team. it doesn’t matter because if they are elite, they figure out ways to get open.  Cruz should just give credit when credit is due.  He was simply shut down by Cowboys.