Vikings Defensive Coordinator OK With Criticism From Players


After the Vikings lost and blew a lead to the Cowboys in Week Nine, defensive linemen Brian Robison and Kevin Williams expressed some concerns about the way the Vikings schemed on the Cowboys’ final drive.

The main complaint, was was defensive coordinator Alan Williams’ decision to play coverage, instead of continuing to pressure Tony Romo.

Williams told the Star Tribune that ‘he welcomes the criticism and input from his players.”

“I don’t take that in a negative way at all,” Williams said, via Chip Scoggins of theMinneapolis Star Tribune. “Our guys are competitive. They put a lot of work in. Good players ask why: ‘Hey coach, why did you make this decision? What were you thinking?’ I have no problem whatsoever about a guy asking me why. We explain it, we talk about it and we move on.”

Of course everyone involved would prefer that the complaints stay in house.