Wade Phillips Thought Ed Reed Would Be J.J. Watt Of Texans Secondary

NFL: New York Jets-Practice

Wade Phillips must have really thought he was getting the Ed Reed of 7 or 8 years ago.

While Reed was introducing himself to his Jets teammates and the media, Wade Phillips was in Houston trying to explain why Reed simply didn’t work out.

During his Thursday afternoon presser, Phillips hinted to the media that he and other Texans defensive coaches expected Reed to have a J.J. Watt like impact on the Houston secondary.

“We all thought he was going to be J.J. Watt of the secondary,” Phillips told reporters in Houston on Thursday. “It didn’t work out that way.”

“It really was a privilege and an honor to have coached a future Hall of Fame player,” Phillips said. “… The guy was great around the locker room … I wish him well, we wish him well with the Jets.”

Reed of course was cut after complaining about diminished playing time, and the Texans coaching staff being out coached in a loss to the Cardinals.