Woman Who Claimed Oakland BBall Players Rape Her Should Be Arrested

Duke Mondy Dante Williams

When it comes to crimes there are only a few more vile and disgusting as rape. It makes me sick to my stomach that any man would do that to a woman and I wish they all are thrown under the jail.

With that being said it makes it very hard for real victims of sexual assault to come forward when women like this are making false accusations.

Earlier we wrote about the Oakland basketball players who were arrested for raping a woman in a hotel room, the cops immediately dropped the charges and now we know why.  Here is what she told the cops.

Mondy and Williams were in L.A. to play UCLA. After the game the alleged victim met Williams at the Marriott Hotel in Culver City. According to the D.A. document rejecting the case … she went to Williams’ room but he told her to leave because he was under a curfew.

The woman then met Mondy in the hallway, who invited her to his room. And that’s when the sex started.

The woman says she had sex with Mondy but claimed she wasn’t comfortable and she had told him to stop several times but he ignored her. Then Williams entered the room. She says she then had sex with him and groused about how aggressive Mondy had been.

Now get this. Then Mondy came back in the room and he asked if he could jump in bed with the woman and Williams, and everyone obliged.

After the 3-way, Mondy went back into his own bed and she climbed in for another round of sex.

The guys eventually asked her to leave, and when she hit the parking lot she started crying and told the parking attendant she “thought” she “might” have been raped.

This woman wasn’t raped, this woman realized what she really was and that realization wasn’t pretty.

She should be thrown in jail for filing a false report and forcing these guys to spend time in jail.

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  • First mistake, breaking curfew.
    Second, getting with a groupie.
    Third, threesome.

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