A-Rod Says He’s “Optimistic” About Case VS MLB


*Apr 14 - 00:05*


Alex Rodriguez is looking on the bright side of things.

A-Rod made an apparence at David Ortiz’s charity event in the Domincan Republic on Friday. The ruling in his arbitration hearing is expected to be made next month, and his future in the sport hangs in the balance, but A-Rod seemed surprsingly mellow.

The disgraced Yankees third baseman offered the following to the Boston Globe:

“I feel good. I have limits what I can talk about. I look forward to Horowitz making a decision and putting this behind me and getting back to hitting in the middle of the lineup,” Rodriguez said.

“I’m optimistic, hopefully. It’s been a very tough several months. Very tough year. I’m optimistic that [a decision] will come soon,” he said. “We can get it behind us and take all the stuff off the back pages and focus on playing baseball and all great things that are happening with the game.

“Make a decision, whatever happens, let’s move forward.”

A-Rod has some reason to breathe easy, after a judge ruled that his PR rep wouldn’t have to testify against him. Largely though, this seems to be just A-Rod saving face–afterall, he said it repeatedly himself ‘I have no chance of winning’.

With that though, there’s no doubt that he will drag MLB to court if MLB’s suspension is upheld.