Aaron Hernandez’s Fianceé Lied To The Grand Jury 29 Times

Shayanna Jenkins


This puts a whole new meaning to ‘ride or die’…

Aaron Hernandez’s fianceé Shayanna Jenkins was indicted on perjury charges back in September. But now prosecutors have provided specific details as to the extent of Jenkins’ perjuring. There are 29 such instances, which have been laid out in court documents.

The Boston Globe reported the following, via Deadspin:

According to prosecutors, however, Jenkins lied about conversations she had with Hernandez when he called her on June 18 from his attorney’s office at the firm of Ropes & Gray in Boston and instructed her to remove items from the house, McCauley wrote.

She also lied about why she removed the items, her lack of knowledge of those objects, and how she got rid of them, according to McCauley.

Among Jenkins’s other alleged falsehoods was her claim that she had not spoken to Wallace since Lloyd’s death; her statements regarding a confidentiality agreement related to their house cleaners; and her claim that she did not speak with Hernandez about the February shooting of Alexander Bradley in Florida.

If convicted she faces up to 20 years behind bars. Jenkins is also the mother of Aaron’s baby daughter, just how much was she willing to risk to protect the man she thought she knew?