Aaron Hernandez’s Mansion & Patriots Bonuses Seized by Courts


The family of Odin Lloyd has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Aaron Hernandez and because of that the court has seized a lot of Hernandez’s assets.

A judge today preliminarily seized former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez’s North Attleborough mansion while a wrongful death lawsuit is pending against him.

Also during the brief hearing, a lawyer for the Patriots said the team would not pay Hernandez the more than $3.25 million that his former union says he is owed by the franchise, should the union prevail in their pending labor grievance.

As part of the wrongful death suit, Lloyd’s family is seeking to block that payment to Hernandez and have said in court papers that the funds could be awarded to Lloyd’s estate when the lawsuit is resolved.

It is unusual that a wrongful death suit is filed when the criminal case is still ongoing, but it appears even if Hernandez is found not guilty in criminal court, his finances and property will be in jeopardy in civil court.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez’s Mansion & Patriots Bonuses Seized by Courts

  • Too many things going on at once at least during the OJ, Robert Blake murder trials they criminal precedings went first both being found not guilty. After that then the civil hearings happened. Whatever evidence they have dude should have his day in court first, right we all are suppose to have.

  • what i expect in news from a sports enthusiast you still ask, why? is he being charged at the end, i just figure it’s cuz he plays football he is a violent sick person

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