Adrian Peterson Wants To Play, Focused On Rushing Title



Adrian Peterson is a gamer, that’s part of why he’s so great on the field.

After nursing a foot injury suffered in Week 14’s game vs the Ravens the Vikings sat Peterson out last Sunday, much to his displeasure.  Now the Vikings are listing him as questionable in the upcoming game vs the Bengals, and again Peterson has let his feelings be known, via ESPN:

“I’ve got another day to rest,” he said Friday. “Tomorrow is going to be good. As far as the foot goes, I’ll be ready to roll.”

Peterson was eager to start last Sunday’s game against the Eagles, only to be told last minute that he would be out. Peterson is holding firm to at least part of his anger over missing last week’s game–despite the fact the Vikings won:

“I was hot,” he said. “I was devastated. I was looking forward to playing, being out there with the guys, and I didn’t get my way that day. I was to a point where I felt like I was ready to go. My mindset is to get out there and play. I’m in game mode, and then I find out I’m not playing, no matter what I have to say.

“That’s what it was. But fortunately we got a win, so that kind of eased the pain a little bit.”

All of this comes off the heels of another rushing title Peterson is gaining ground on. He sits in 2nd currently 122 yards behind Eagle’s back, LeSean Mccoy, who had a quiet game vs the Vikings last Sunday as Peterson watched from the sidelines.

It’s clear the impact of what that record means, is weighing more on AD’s mind then he’s willing to just come out and admit.