Adrien Broner Air Humps Marcos Maidana During Fight (Video)


Adrien Broner is currently fighting Marcos Maidana in San Antonio. By all accounts he is losing the fight but he couldn’t help but provide some pure comedy by air humping Maidana.

Broner better wake up fast before he loses the fight.

3 thoughts on “Adrien Broner Air Humps Marcos Maidana During Fight (Video)

  • Broner pretends to ass rape Maidana, Maidana ass rapes Broner for real. Broner talks about shitting money, tonight he shits his teeth. Broner is a big whiney bitch who deserved that head butt. The ref did everything he could to help Broner out. Three warnings for pushing? Zero points. Blatant after the bell head shot? Zero points. Humps Maidana? Zero points. Maidana head butts once? Oh, now we need to take a point. Don’t get me wrong- Maidana absolutely deserved to have that point deducted. However, Broner should have had one deducted in place of that third warning, and he should have absolutely had one after that late punch. Add that two the two times he was knocked down, four points down? Man, he’d have started thinking then.

    This was an excellent fight, though. I thought Broner fought hard, and did a decent job, but he just was not prepared for Maidana’s style.

    I wasn’t a big Maidana fan before tonight, though I really wanted to see him win. That guy’s got heart! He took a lot of hard punches and barely batted an eye at them. He was impressive. It’s hard to imagine how the guy who kicked Broner’s ass tonight was knocked down by Amir Khan!

    Thurman looked excellent, too. He’s such a poised and professional fighter. He seems down to earth and focused on his craft, a real boxer. If I ever see nonsense like “About Billions” or other nonsense like Broner and Mayweather engage in, though, man, that’d suck. That’s what I hate about a lot of the black fighters. Sure, it’s a cultural thing, I know, but that doesn’t make it a good thing.

    I wonder if Maidana could get a Mayweather bout. I’d love to see that match up. He can take a punch and works well on the inside. I could see him knocking the old man out.

    If Mayweather-Khan takes place, it’ll be more Khan dancing around the ring trying to pot-shot Floyd and Floyd deftly landing counter-shots.

  • Stop comparing Broner to Mayweather.
    Broner is a classless fool.
    No punching power and an ability to throw punches are his weakness.
    All of his clowning just shows he is a buffoon.
    A worldclass coon.

  • Adrien Broner is not only a disgrace to the sport of Boxing. He is a disgrace to his race, his family, his hometown, his promoters and everyone associated with him.

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