Adrien Broner Exposes Nude Photos of Mayweather’s Ex-Side Chick


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It is too much to explain, but here is the short version.

One of Mayweather’s ladies, use to be one of Ray J’s ladies.  Mayweather and the young lady (photos above) had a falling out.  50 Cent got involved and then she allegedly set Mayweather up to get robbed.  Eventually, Queen Princess went back to Ray J.

Just a bunch of drama, that isn’t unusual for these individuals.   Broner who was on a media conference call (I know because I was on the call as well), found time (or one of his entourage) to post this on his Instagram page while the call was going on.

Ray J Floyd Mayweather Adrien Broner 3

I assume Broner is trying to say “Princess” got around and someone paid for her new body, but whatever. I hope for his sake that he is focused on Maidana, because if he isn’t he is the one who is the one who will getting exposed.

If you want to see the NSFW pic click HERE

2 thoughts on “Adrien Broner Exposes Nude Photos of Mayweather’s Ex-Side Chick

  • When will these dumb ass athletes learn not to screw around with these ghetto ignorant hoes! Remember what happened to Mike Tyson? Remember what happened to Tiger Woods? Why can’t black athletes learn form the mistakes of their elders. The cycle of bitches to rags just won’t end!

  • I guess Broner should have been training for the fight instead of f*cking around exposes pics of Floyd’s bytches…..ijs

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