Adrien Broner on Maidana: “If I Beat Him to Death, Then I Beat Him to Death”


Adrien Broner should beat Marcos Maidana, he has the skills to make it an easy fight, but if he isn’t focused it won’t be easy at all.

In the final press conference before the fight here is what he had to say.

“If he makes a mistake and I have a chance to get him out of there I’m going to get him out of there. If I just beat him to death, then I beat him to death.

“Every boxer wants to be where I am right now. I am the person who is going to take over boxing after Floyd Mayweather. Everybody wants this position. So I don’t get mad when I hear that Keith Thurman wants to fight me – he’s supposed to. Who doesn’t want to be where I am.

I can’t talk trash to someone who doesn’t speak English. He’s looking at me crazy right now and I don’t know if he’s faking or not. He’s a very respectful guy so I have to respect him, but on Dec. 14 I’m going to beat his ass. I’m going to beat his ass for sure. We can be friends after that.”