Adrien Broner Wants Rematch With Maidana, Admits He Was “Better Man”

Adrien Broner v Marcos Maidana

Adrien Broner got demolished by Marcos Maidana in a manner that I’m not sure the brash and cocky 3 time World Champion will ever forget.

Broner will now respond in one of two ways.

He will lose the arrogance, drop the act, and get truly serious about a sports that up until last night was his to rule.  Or such a devastating loss could cause Broner to spiral downward towards a career of mediocrity and untapped potential.

After the loss Broner gave Maidana credit for being the better man, and was adamant in saying he wants an immediate rematch.

“I’ll tell you one thing: Make a rematch. I don’t need a warm-up fight. I want a rematch. … I’m OK. I’m still a three-time world champion in three different weight classes. Tonight Maidana was just a better man, and he fought a better fight, and I hope the fans still get what they deserved.”

It’s either a humble road traveled for Broner from here on out, or this may not be the last time such an outcomes happens to him.