Alex Ariza Putting Mysterious Substance in Maidana’s Face (Video)


Alex Ariza

Ariza is a shady character, he was in Pacquiao’s camp when he was knocking people out two and three times bigger than him. He was just with Brandon Rios who drug test came back positive for his fight with Pacquiao and he was working Marcos Maidana’s corner last night during Maidana’s beatdown of Adrien Broner.

In this video he is putting something in a napkin and smashing it into Maidana’s face. Smelling salts or any type of stimulants are forbidden during the fight.

We will have to see if the post fight drug tests come back with anything fishy, but this can’t be ignored. The sad thing is that I don’t even think Maidana wanted it or needed it, but Ariza is a shady character and needs to be banned from boxing.


  1. Check out this post with video comparisons of Maidana and other pro athletes using smelling salts (plus some more info on smelling salts if you’re feeling lost) Worth looking at: Check it out here

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