Anderson Silva Breaks Leg Against Chris Weidman (Video)

Do not watch (or view the photos above) if you are squeamish.

Weidman was controlling the fight and almost KOed Silva in the 1st round. Silva survived and went for a leg kick in the 2nd round, but when Weidman blocked it, it basically broke his leg in half.

This could be the end of Silva’s career, when we know more about the severity of the injury we will let you know.

Anderson Silva Broken Leg

30 thoughts on “Anderson Silva Breaks Leg Against Chris Weidman (Video)

  • Oh lorrddie! Great fighter, Too bad this will be how he goes out.

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  • Wow that was the most gruesome injury I have ever seen during MMA fighting. Anderson Silva is my favorite fighter and I really hope he recovers from that injury. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    • Why are you sending out thoughts and prayers to his family? Anderson didn’t die

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    • Hey.. if you have nothing nice to say to Dion.. don’t say it at all. My thoughts and prayers go to Dion :).

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    • Hi Christopher

      I agree people should be able to pray for who they want but using the R word (Retard) is hurtful. I’m handicapped and it hurts me when I hear people say that. There are other ways to express that you disagree without insulting us. We suffered enough needlessly. Thank you in advance.


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  • That’s twice he’s beat you now Silva. Payback for all the years of acting like an ass to your opponents.

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    • Well if you knew anything at all about MMA or paid enough attention you would know that getting into the head of your opponent and breaking them down is all part of it. So sure you can think he looks like an asshole, but we all know that your stupid.

    • I agree. I’ve always hated that showboating piece of shit. That’s what happens… Paybacks are a bitch.

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