Anderson Silva’s Career in Jeopardy After Broken Leg

andersonsilva on top of cage

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman II was the most anticipated fight of the year, but no one could’ve predicted this ending.

The first round seemed like a continuation of the first fight; may have well been considered round 3. Silva was rocked by a few well timed Weidman punches and taken to the mat at will. Silva held on to dear life in the last 2 minutes of round 1 after nearly being KO’d by a Weidman right hook.

Then the ‘Spider’ reverted back to what made him the greatest of all time and squirmed into a near head triangle at the end of the 1st round. Silva rolled that confidence into the second round and began slowing Weidman’s attacks down with leg kicks…

That is very well the last thing Anderson Silva will do in an Octagon.

Silva threw his 3rd leg kick of the round, which was checked by Weidman, and Silva dropped to the ground in agony.

Instantly the crowd went silent and everyone knew what had happened without ever seeing it clearly. The replay confirmed the fears of the crowd and viewers at home, Silva had broken his leg.

The gruesome injury was too much for many fans to handle and they vacated the arena instead of being subjected to countless replays.

It wasn’t the gore or violence that turned away fans from the arena, but the site of seeing one of the greatest MMA competitors of all time laying there writhing in pain. Silva had given his fans, both Brazilian and other, many fond memories and they wanted only to see him compete one more time at his highest level.

Sadly, the end of Silva’s career will be recited before his countless victories. The way that he went out was so polarizing that it will stick in the minds of MMA fans for years to come.

This may not be the last of Silva, but it will be the last of his dominance. If this is the end Anderson has nothing to be ashamed of and owes nothing to fans of the sport.

As fans of MMA, and Silva, we all wish Anderson the best in his recovery. If you are considered a fan of the sport you owe thanks to Silva for being a consummate professional inside and outside of the cage.