Andre Ward Claims His Promoter Fooled Him into Signing Illegal Contracts



Andre Ward has been trying to get out of his contract with Goossen Tutor Promotions for almost a year now. He is clearly not happy with them and would like to sign with another promoter or go independent.

His first attempted to break away failed, but he has filed new court papers to try to break free.

TMZ Sports has obtained legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court … in which the reigning WBA super middleweight champ claims Goossen Tutor Promotions broke the law by signing him to a series of contracts that lock him up until 2016.

Ward says he signed the initial deal back in 2004, and because CA labor laws prevent companies from signing people for more than 7 years at a time, he should be able to leave Goossen for greener pastures. He wants a judge to void the contract ASAP.


  1. In order for boxing to return to its former glory, the white collar criminal promoters have to go. I’m talking about Don King, Bob Arum, Goosen Tudor and Lou Dibella. Most of the best athletes in America will not box because of the blatant corruption in the sport. Remember what Mike Tyson said about Don King?

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