Bills HC Doug Marrone Says He’s Never Heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


doug marrone


While it is understood that NFL coaches are extremely focused and dedicated to their duties, I don’t get how Doug Marrone could have not heard of the most talked about man in North America over the past month, not like he’s busy running a successful team.

According to a story in the Toronto Sun, the Buffalo Bills head coach who leads his team into Canada to face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, says that he has no idea who Rob Ford is.

On Wednesday, four days before the Buffalo Bills play the Atlanta Falcons in Bills-in-Toronto VI, head coach Doug Marrone was asked what he, as a family man, thinks of the kind of example Rob Ford presents.

“The mayor of Atlanta?” Marrone replied.

Uh, no, the mayor of Toronto.

“I have no idea who he is,” Marrone said.

Well, he’s admitted to smoking crack.

“Really? Well I hope that he can find a way to better himself. Last time I checked that’s illegal, so hopefully he can find a way to help himself.

Marrone says he’s almost always clueless as to what’s going on in the outside world.

“No. I always find it funny because people will ask me what’s going on and I’ll be like, ‘What?’ Someone will ask me a question and I’ll turn around to (PR chief) Scott (Berchtold) and go, ‘Where were they going with that question?’ He’s like, ‘Well you haven’t heard,’ and I really don’t.

“I think it’s very difficult because like I said before, if I want to escape football, I’ll escape it in a novel. I call it a novel, my wife calls it fiction. I’ll do that, but honestly we really don’t have a lot of time for anything else.”

With that type of dedication at the helm you’d think the Bills would have more than four wins so far this season.