Black Santa Shot While at Toy Drive in Washington DC (Video)

Black Santa

The suspect has to be someone from Fox News right?

A man dressed in a santa claus outfit was shot in the back twice with a pellet gun during the 22nd annual Barry Farm toy drive in Washington, DC according to

He suffered minor injuries.  There has been a lot of talk about black/white Santa lately and it is so stupid.   Anyone can be Santa to the kids, because that is what the Holiday is about.  Doesn’t matter black, white, mexican, Asian or etc.  The ideal of Santa Claus is giving back and the lesson we learn from the the tale is that it is better to give than receive.   Furthermore shooting at someone at a Toy Drive is so terrible, I hope they find who did it and put them in jail for Christmas, they could have hit a child and did some real damage.


There is video of the shooting courtesy of Deadspin.

One thought on “Black Santa Shot While at Toy Drive in Washington DC (Video)

  • Pellet guns are not effective beyond a certain short range like maybe 100-150 feet, so finding the house and the person should not be a difficult issue here. Some teenager is probably the culprit. But how crazy is this? Happening on Christmas Eve.

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