Bob Arum Says No One Gives a Sh*t About Mayweather vs. Khan


In general he is probably right, I can’t see a lot of people being excited about a Mayweather vs. Khan matchup in the spring.

Arum who is a masterful PR person is trying to make it appear it isn’t his fault that a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight hasn’t happened. Here is what he had to say when asked by USA Today if a fight between the two could still happen.

“Yes, if people stop posturing. Absolutely. It can happen. It’s stupid if it doesn’t happen. They owe it to the sport. What, is Mayweather going to fight Amir Khan? Who gives a (expletive)? We’ve announced we’re willing to make anything happen. Now somebody has got to contact us so we can sit down and explore how it can happen. Isn’t that the way normal people deal? You can’t wave a wand. I’ve said unequivocally, we’re ready to sit down and see if a deal can be reached.”

Arum goes on to say that he doesn’t hate Floyd and vice versa. If a fight was to happen, it wouldn’t be until the fall at the earliest, but don’t hold your breath.

One thought on “Bob Arum Says No One Gives a Sh*t About Mayweather vs. Khan

  • How many people purchased the last boxing event promoted by Bob Arum? Floyd Mayweather is carrying all of boxing on his back, similar to Lebron James carrying the entire NBA! Most boxing fans don’t give a sh*t about Arum!

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