Boise St. QB Sent Home From Bowl Game For Allegedly Peeing Off Balcony

jared southwick

I have heard a lot of reasons why players get sent home from bowl games and most of them involve alcohol or curfew.This story sounds like it involves some alcohol. Boise State QB Joe Southwick was sent home from the Hawaii Bowl for allegedly urinating off  the team hotel balcony.

The interesting thing is, Southwick said he didn’t do it and says he has a lie detector test that proves it:

“It just turned to finger pointing, and it ended up being three people against one person saying something, and I guess the temper tantrum of one person didn’t look good and there was no investigation,” Soutwick explained. “This was an absolute rushed decision, probably made in about 20 minutes.

It’s just really important for myself and my family to get this cleared up and show that really the decision makers in place had a rushed decision, there was no process to properly judicate what happened. It’s really disappointing that it came to this.”

Southwich is snitching a bit by saying that he witnessed another player relieving himself off the team balcony but I guess he doesn’t want his name being linked with this. I find it hard to believe that Boise State would just send him home without any proof or having more than the 20 minute discussion Southwick claims they had.

I’d be fighting this too if I got sent home from Hawaii and will miss my last game in college. I’ll guess there is more to story that meets the eye.