Browns D’Qwell Jackson Says Kellen Winslow Won’t Be Much Of A Threat


Kellen Winslow Jr. ran his mouth this week about the Cleveland Browns, and now Winslow has the attention of the Browns defensive leader.

Winslow of course ran his mouth about none of the Browns defensive players being able to guard him.

“Really, they can’t guard me,” Winslow told “That’s how I feel, and I can’t be guarded, you know?”

Winslow’s former teammate, and Browns middle linebacker D’Qwell Jackson got the message and wasn’t impressed.  According to the Cleveland Plains Dealer, Jackson said that “Winslow doesn’t play a lot, so he won’t be much of a threat.”

“It’s no secret K-2 likes to run his mouth a lot and I’m happy he’s with a team and he’s doing well but we’ve game planned towards the guys who are going to be on the field,” Jackson said.

“He doesn’t play a whole lot so I’m not going to get caught up in a guy that’s watching the game for most of the time that his offense is out there on the field so I’m not worried about K-2.  That’s the type of personality that he is.  Him and I are good friends and I knew something was gonna come out this week from him at some point so I’m sure I’ll see him during out pregame warm ups and we’ll talk but I’m used to K-2 and his ways.”