Browns’ Joe Thomas: Great Franchises Don’t Fire Coaches After One Year


Now that the Cleveland Browns have officially fired Rob Chudzinski, even more quotes are coming out from players. This time it isn’t anonymous either. It comes from their star OL Joe Thomas via theAkron Beacon Journal:

“You look at the great franchises. They don’t fire your coach after the first season. You can’t do it,” Thomas said. “It sets everything back,” Thomas said. “You just hit the reset button. Anytime you hit the reset button, it severely damages the organization, and it lengthens the amount of time that it takes to get back to the playoffs and turn the team into a consistent winner. … I think that this organization needs continuity and that’s the only chance that we’re going to have to turn this team into a consistent winner.”

Thomas is 100% correct. Continuity and consistency are important with winning NFL franchises and the Browns have been the model of the exact opposite for a long time now. I don’t the Browns really wanted Rob Chudzinski in the first place and settled on him but you have to give him more than one season.

I guess the Browns aren’t ready to be great.