Bruins Milan Lucic During bar Brawl in Vancouver: “I’ll F***ing Kill you” (Video)


milan lucic


Athletes need to understand that nothing good can come from hanging out at a bar in the wee hours in the morning, even if you’re in your hometown like Boston Bruins star Milan Lucic was over the weekend.

According to a story via TMZ, Lucic was involved in a little skirmish at a bar, probably with a drunk Bruins hater, and it was caught on video.

It all went down around 4 AM outside The Queen’s Republic on Granville St. — where Milan was filmed trading blows with some random Canuck … and Milan repeatedly asks him, “Do you know who you’re f***n’ with?” 

Vancouver PD tells us … some cops on foot patrol were able to break up the fight. They talked to both men but no arrests were made and no criminal charges were filed.

Milan’s opponent appeared to suffer a busted lip … but other than that, no harm no foul.

Check the footage here and just so you’re warned some of the language used is very foul.


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