Bucks Larry Sanders Blames Club Fight on Being a Black Man (Video)


Before you get to Sanders’ comments check out the brawl.

From the footage it does appear Sanders is one of the few black people in the club and from the Instagram comment he posted courtesy of JS Online, he seems to imply that is whey he was beaten up by the Mean Street Posse.

“I blame no one for my mistakes. I take full responsibility for my actions, this is something I’ve dealt with my whole life … from being the black male followed around the store to being the black male helped around the store … I’ve seen the American society from both ends .. ppl are hypnotized by the media to feel and base certain judgment toward certain groups of ppl and they don’t even know it … born into a system put into place before our existence”

“Good thing I didn’t get jumped by a bunch of black guys that night or it would’ve been gang related …lol sheeeeeeesh!!”

While there are challenges being a black male in our society, without specifics it is hard to say if that was the reason for this brawl.

Hopefully, Sanders will bring more clarity to the situation.

One thought on “Bucks Larry Sanders Blames Club Fight on Being a Black Man (Video)

  • Sanders seems like a thoughtful individual so he should’ve shed more light on exactly what led to the nightclub brawl, meaning he should be more specific about the “mistakes” and “actions” that he’s taking full responsiblity for. But instead he talks about how people in America percieve black men to be thugs for simply being black without giving us the entire story. What did he do to get half the club’s patrons to start whoopin’ his ass? Oh well….maybe it’s all in the police report.

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