Cam Newton Says He Has Best Hands On Team, Should Play Special Teams (Video)


Cam Newton Hands Team

Who has the best hands on the Carolina Panthers? Well, if you ask Cam Newton it’s him.

While on the sideline talking to tight end Brandon Williams, a mic picked up a conversation between the two where Newton asked why he wasn’t on the hands team.

“You know what I always ask myself? Why ain’t I on the hands team? I literally got the best hands on the team,” says Newton.

“Like for real. I catch the ball every single play from the snaps. I got good hand-eye coordination. Bro, I’m telling you I can catch, yo.”

I can’t tell if he was really serious or not, but it doesn’t matter. It will never happen anyway. By the way, I wonder what Steve Smith thinks about that “best hands on the team” comment.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports


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